What is EMPAYG?

EMPAYG is a web service that allows you to pay the partner services (those that have integrated EMPAYG into their websites) as you use those services. No upfront charge but the charge is calculated based on the charge rate set by the service and time duration for which you use the service.

What to do to start using a partner service?

Signup with EMPAYG. To start using a service, login with your EMPAYG id and key on the service’s website through our widget (look for a yellow ribbon). Before you filling in your credentials, the widget will provide you with details about the service (like the charge rate, contact detail, description about what service is and what you get on login). You can then login to start using the service.

What do I get when I login with EMPAYG?

That depends on the service itself. It can provide you with ad-free experience, premium features or anything and everything else! As you login, you should look for the description provided to know what to expect.

What to do if I find that partner service is not providing what I expected?

If you find the description or service misleading, you can report it to us at support@empayg.com and we will do the needful.

How do I know how much I am charged?

A charge is based of how much time (in seconds) you use a service for and the charge rate of the service. Every service can charge their own rate. You should look out for the rate given in the widget at the time of login to know about the charge for every specific service you use. Please note, services may change their connected service or rate on the same webpage. Keep yourself aware of the rate as you login every time.

How does ‘cap’ of services work?

Services have a monthly limit on the charge. So you are only charged for the time duration until you hit the limit. This prevent very high charge amount for heavy/regular users. Users do not have to do anything but creators set the ‘cap’.

What is the currency of charge?

All the charges and payments are processed and presented in USD cents only. This is done to standardise the charges and accounting. Kindly keep the comparative local pricing in mind while using any service to estimate the cost and value of service to you.

Why am I required to keep a prepaid balance?

Prepaid balance is required to ensure that all the charges for services you use are paid. Alternative models increase the cost of providing the services, which are eventually borne by the paying users. Moreover, the unused prepaid balance is always refundable at the time of account closure.

What purpose do separate password and key serve?

You are required to use EMPAYG account on third party websites for using the partner services. Separate password and key ensures security for your account. Key is only used to login to partner services whereas password is used to login to EMPAYG, change password, change key, manage the services, and delete the account.

Why no option to ‘Remember me’ on partner services?

We do not store you details on the partner services’ websites for security purposes. However, our login process is compliant with AutoFill of all major browsers to ensure easy login.

Where are more of the FAQs?

They are being prepared. BTW, you know you can always contact help@empayg.com if you need any assistance. Happy payging!